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NFTScan Labs, as one of the most professional infrastructure development teams in the NFT space, has been deeply immersed in the NFT vertical field over the past 3 years. We have identified the tremendous growth potential and vast application scenarios in the NFT market. We firmly believe that mass adoption of crypto will emerge through the NFT, unleashing a market scale worth tens of trillions of dollars!

To expedite the arrival of this day, we have decided to launch a brand-new blockchain network: Mint Blockchain, an L2 blockchain for NFT Industry.

Bitcoin → Ethereum → Mint Blockchain

Unlike other blockchain networks, the core value of the Mint Blockchain lies in promoting and propelling innovation in NFT standards, directing developers to innovate and explore NFT assets in multiple application scenarios. Mint Blockchain is committed to constructing a decentralized network where everyone can freely participate in creating NFT standards and issuing NFT assets, ultimately expanding NFT application scenarios based on innovative NFT standards.

The Mint Blockchain is dedicated to lead the realization of the untapped potential in the NFT market.


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NFT Innovation Hub

Mint blockchain network is poised to become an innovation hub for NFT asset standards and serves as an experimental network for any NFT asset standards within the EVM ecosystem.

Decentralized Storage Layer

Mint Blockchain will serve as a distributed storage layer for NFT metadata, enhancing the security and decentralization of NFT asset data.

Decentralized NFT Indexing

Mint Blockchain offers decentralized NFT data indexers for Web3 developers, empowering dApps to achieve genuine decentralization.


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