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Mint is the
L2 blockchain
for NFT Industry

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New Era

for NFTs

January 3, 2009


July 30, 2015


December 5, 2023

Mint chain future background

Forefront NFT


Lower Gas Fee

Plentiful NFT Standards & NIPs

Complete NFT Infrastructure

Revenue Sharing with Developers


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The combination of NFT and AIGC will release great value for content creation, empowering it with the features of free circulation, trading, and payment.

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Brings various kinds of real world assets into NFTs and allows them to circulate and trade freely on chain.

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NFT is the underlying elemental asset of blockchain games, creating a more open and fair atmosphere for blockchain games.

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NFT PASS will bring about a crypto revolution to the traditional membership system, intelligentize passes more privacy-protecting and restriction-free.


MintCore Team brand

MintCore Team

Focus on constructing Mint blockchain network and core components, including open source code for blockchain, NIP functions, MRC library, cross chain bridge, sorter, and other core functions.

NFTScan Labs brand

NFTScan Labs

Establish Mint blockchain infrastructure, including block explorers, NFT explorer, and developer documentation systems.



Start Mint Blockchain


NFTScan Labs and MintCore jointly launched the Mint Blockchain, L2 for NFT industry


Launch and operate internal testnet

Q4 2023

Mint Blockchain Testnet


Mint issue MintPass in Q1 for early-stage Mint Blockchain advocates, everyone is welcome to mint a MintPass


Building a strong infrastructure for Mint Testnet, including RPC nodes, bridges, explorer, wallet, and toolings that facilitate developers to build on Mint


Mint launches Mint Forest, the “green and environmentally friendly” themed Web3 on-chain social product

Q1 2024

Mint Blockchain Mainnet and Superchain


Mint Blockchain integrate into superchain, becoming a big part of the NFT ecosystem within the Superchain


The official launch of Mint blockchain mainnet, starts a new era of a blockchain that solely focuses on NFT industry


NIP (NFT Improvement Proposal) is an innovative NFT asset protocol on Mint blockchain. Developers can freely initiate the creation of NFT standards and propose NFT proposals on the Mint blockchain

Q2 2024

Mint Mainnet Ecosystem


Launch Mainnet Campaign
Join us as Mint expands its ecosystem and bolsters its infrastructure. Mint Mainnet campaign designed for users will be held


NIP Library Launch
NIP (NFT Improvement Proposal) is the NFT standard on the Mint Blockchain. NIP library aims to provide a diverse range of NFT asset issuance templates and standards

Q3 2024

Decentralized Sequencer LST Mining


Users holding $MINT can participate in Decentralized Sequencer LST Mining through MintPool to earn transaction fee revenue from the sequencer and $MINT rewards

Q2 2025

Decentralized Storage and Indexing


The MintCore team will develop a volatile storage solution specifically for NFT metadata, allowing NFT asset data to be stored securely and permanently


The MintCore team will release a decentralized indexer for NFT asset data, allowing developers to easily obtain NFT data on chain

Q4 2025